BC Hydro Renovation – Williams Lake District Office

Client: BC Hydro
Project: CBRE Salmon Arm Health Unit
Location: Williams Lake

Westcana Electric is honored to announce our participation in the BC Hydro Renovation project for the Williams Lake District Office. This significant undertaking focuses on revitalizing the interior of a regional office that has been serving the Cariboo area for over 50 years!

The Williams Lake District Office holds historical value, having been originally constructed in 1970 with a substantial addition in 1990. It has been a cornerstone of the community, and we are dedicated to ensuring its continued relevance and functionality. Our mission is to bring modernization to this establishment while paying homage to its rich legacy.

As we embark on this project, we are committed to preserving the historical significance of the Williams Lake District Office while introducing enhancements that align with contemporary needs and standards. Our team is carefully assessing the building’s interior, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing upgrades that will rejuvenate this vital community asset.

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